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Canadian Women’s Teams Championship

Over the 15 August weekend In Edmonton. In 120 boards final, Team Cimon : Francine Cimon – Sandra Fraser – Isabelle Brisebois – Kismet Fung best Team DECT : Katie Thorpe – Ina Demme – Joan Eaton – Karen Cumpstone 222 to 197.

Congratulations to both teams for a very exciting final.



Isabelle - Sandra - Kismet - Francine.

Isabelle – Sandra – Kismet – Francine.

The Canadian Champions will play off against Mexico and a chance to represent Canada at the World Bridge Teams in Chennai, India 2015.

More Winners.

The IMP Pairs 

1. Piotr Kimowicz and Dan Jacob.


Dan Jacob and Piotr Kimowicz.

2. Ina Demme and Bill Kertes.


Bill Kertes and Ina Demme.

3. John Carruther and Joe Silver.

Playing the Open pairs, in a four card ending I had four of a kind. Wish I was playing Poker.


Overheard at the bar.

Roche “You know what they say about guys with big shoes?”

Yuen “What do they say?”

Roche “They have big feet”

CNTC winners :


Rock Shi Yan, Bryan Maksymetz, Gray McMullin, Tom Walsh, Samantha Nystrom.

Chartwell CSTC winners :

Dave Smith, Fred Lerner, Doran Flock, Michael Schoenborn.

Canadian Open Pairs Championship :


Dan Jacob and Piotr Kimowicz.

Congratulations to all.

Delores Hedley

Delores Hedley

A big THANK YOU goes to Delores Hedley, Frank Ayer and all the volunteers for the wonderful hospitality.




Spy vs spy!

Brad Bart had a fun hand in the Open semi-final.


Brad (South) was in four hearts. West led the jack of diamonds. Brad made the great play of ducking, tried to put West to the guess as to what to do next. However East saw right through him and won the trick with the ace.

At Trick 2 East played the ace of the spades then the queen of spades, in order to keep the lead. However West had other ideas, Believed East had the singleton diamond ace. Over took the queen of spades with the king, in a split second fired back a low diamond for partner to ruff. Brad put in the nine of diamonds, much to West’s disappointment East followed with a diamond spot card! Just as fast Brad faced his cards and claimed. 

In the Senior Teams final, it will be team Smith vs Flock.


Peter Herold, Connie and Jim McAvoy, Gerry McCully, Ken Scholes, Duncan Smith.



Dave Smith, Fred Lerner, Doran Flock, Michael Schoenborn.

In the Open final between Gartaganis and McMullin. After 60 boards it is still a very close match. 170-163 Gartaganis had a useful lead of 7 imps.


Gordon Campbell, Judy and Nick Gartaganis, Paul Thurston, Jeff Smith, Ilya Kuzkin.


Rock Shi Yan, Bryan Maksymetz, Gray McMullin, Tom Walsh, Samantha Nystrom.


Congratulations to the CNTC B winners Glenn and Cindy Cossey, Nazir Ahmad and Laurie Shapka Thiel.


Nazir Ahmad, Laurie Shapka Thiel, Cindy and Glenn Cossey.


Silver medals went to Jason Dufault, Bryant Town, Gary Karst and Ross Amour.



and second placed teams.


Oh what fun!

In the Open semi-final between Zambonini and Gartaganis with the score 73-126, we knew imps would be flying when play started for the last 15 boards.

This board 17 generated 14 imps for team Zambonini. 

The lead was queen of hearts, Shan (north) won with the ace, unblocked the ace of clubs, got in with the king of hearts, discarded a heart on the king of clubs. Ruffed the heart then played a trump. Had a count on the hand, drop of the queen jack of diamonds. he had 12 trick for +980.
When the other table played for restricted choice in diamonds went down in the slam. They won 14 imps.


Sabourin opened an off shape 1NT and soon found himself in six spades. With both the spade queen and king of club offside it was down one and lost of 11 imps.

Then there was board 26.


Poor north was shut out of the auction. With the lead of the ace of clubs, another Canadian slam came home.

At the other table North-South unwilling to test their opening lead skill, took a dive in seven clubs when West bid six diamonds, down four for -1100. Still won 8 imps for their side.

In the other match Board 26 also generated a few imps.

At Maksymetz and Rock’s table. They got to 5 spades, south also led the ace of clubs. Here they made 13 tricks for +710.

At the other table, Todd and Fisher open the East hand 2 diamonds (weak two in a major) got to 6 Diamonds. South also led the ace of clubs. Fisher made 12 tricks +1390 for gain of 12 imps.



It was fun watching on Vugraph. Don’t know about you, I needed a calculator to keep track of the all imps flying around.

When the dusts settled it would be McMullin (Gray McMullin, Sam Nystrom, Rock Shi Yan, Bryan Maksymetz, Tom Walsh) VS Gartaganis (Nick and Judy Gartaganis, Jeff Smith, Gordon Campbell, Paul Thurston, Ilya Kuzkin) in the 120 board final.

You can watch it all on BBO.

The match up in the Senior Teams semi-final :

Flock (Doran Flock, Dave Smith, Michael Schoenborn, Fred Lerner) VS Seigel (Joeseph Seigel, Lino D’Souza, Barry Onslow, John Arblaster)

Jotcham (Ray Jotcham, Bob Kuz, Barry Senensky, Steve Mackay) VS Smith (Duncan Smith, Peter Herold, Gerry McCully, Jim McAvoy, Ken Scholes)


Are you a chicken?

There are 8 teams in the Seniors. After 7 matches of 15 boards, the top 4 teams will play 60 boards semi-final and 60 boards final.

We have a coast to coast team, I am playing with my old friend Keith Dowdall from Victoria BC, he was one of my first partners when we first played this game some 30 years ago. Our teammates are Paul Janicki from Markham ON and Leo Weniger from Halifax NS.

The 8 teams are Seigel (Joe Seigel, Lino D’Souza, Barry Onslow, John Arblaster, Don Domansky, Dave McLellan)

Jotcham (Ray Jotcham, Bob Kuz, Barry Senensky, Steve Mackay)

Fakih (Abdul Fakih, Hash Mohamed, Bob Toffan, Barry Pritchard)

Martineau (Charles Martineau, Andre Chartrand, Jacques Cloutier, Robert Morin, Serge Hamelin)

Smith (Duncan Smith, Peter Herold, Gerry McCully, James McAvoy, Ken Scholes)

Jones (Claire Jones, Jerry Mamer, Janice and Richard Anderson, Dennis Nelson, Charlie Lamb)

Flock (Doran Flock, Dave Smith, Michael Schoenborn, Fred Lerner)

Overheard at the bar, You hold 5 J 986 109876543. Partner open one spade, pass to you. What is your bid?


The chicken

Ken Collins pass and went all pass, found himself lost a slam swing!

Partner’s hand : AKJ42 A9873 A7 A

Club broke 2-2 with the queen of spades onside. 

Three out of the top four teams in the Open lost to-day. Maybe is better to be picked then to pick? Todd who was 4th was the only winner, had the restricted choice of Turner.

In the Open semi-final: Todd vs McMullin

Zambonini vs Gartaganis.

In the B final: Cossey (Glenn and Ciday Cossey, Nazir Ahmad, Laurie Shapka Thiel) VS Dufault (Jason Dufault, Bryant Town, Gary Karst, Ross Amour)


Bridge Week 2014

This year’s Canadian Bridge Championships better known as Bridge Week is taking place in Calgary, AB. from the 3rd May to the 10th.


It is a action pack week, besides the Open Team Championships, there is the Senior Team Championships, Imp Pairs, Open Pairs and a Swiss Teams to be contested. There is also a Hall of Fame Ceremony on Tuesday evening and a Annual General meeting on Wednesday morning.

It is always fun to play against some of the best players in the country and see old friends.


Wild horses can’t keep me away!

For up to the  minute results and information go to www.cbf.ca http://cbf.ca/BWeek/14files/

After a complete round robin, the Open Teams top 8 will play KO of 60 boards to-morrow.

Here are the match ups.

Ayers (Tim Ayers, Michael Roche, Karen Cumpstone, Jame Galand, John Duquette, Ron Bishop) VS Zambonini (Ron Zambonini, Jurek Czyzowicz, Darren Wolpert, Dan Korbel, Shan Huang, David Sabourin)

Carruthers (John Carruthers, Joey Silver, Marty Kirr, John Guoba) VS McMullin (Gray McMullin, Bryan Maksymetz, Samantha Nystrom, Tom Walsh, Rock Shi Yan)

Lawrence (Steve Lawrence, Michael Newcombe, Sandy McLlwain, Frank Ayer) VS Gartaganis (Judith Gartaganis, Nicholas Gartaganis, Jeffrey Smith, Paul Thurston, Gordon Campbell, Ilya Kuzkin)

Todd (Bob Todd, Neil Kimelman, Brad Bart, Doug Fisher, Dave McLellan, Don Domansky) Vs Turner (David Turner, Roy Hughes, Irving Litvack, Ian Findlay, Doug Baxter, Nader Hanna)

Full House

Over the weekend at the Vancouver Fall Sectional our unit master point races were decided. The winner of the Phil Wood Trophy (by the player who won the most points at this year’s unit sectionals) was Brad Bart.

Brad won in style, when on Friday he and Michael Dimich won the Ev Hodge Charity Classic.

Brad Bart

Brad Bart

The winner of the Edie Bonnell Trophy (the woman who won the most master points at the four unit sectionals) was our defending champion Julie Smith.

  • Michael and Julie Smith
  • Michael and Julie Smith

The winners won free plays for next years’ four unit sectionals, congratulations!

In Poker a full house is a very good hand, consisting of three matching cards of one rank and two matching cards of another.

It is always fun to play with young Brad. Last week in our unit game was no exception.

Board 7. Dealer South. Both vulnerable. 

Brad (East) held : QJ5 QJ84 J753 102 

This was the auction :

All Pass

3NT – running clubs and a heart stopper.

4 – encouraging noise.

4 – kickback ace asking.

5 – 0/3. 5 – queen of trumps ask.

5 – yes and some help in spades (king in our agreement).

Brad liked his full house of QQQJJ and made the very good cue bid of 4 when I bid 4 to say I was interested in slam.


The lead was the ace of clubs. Brad ruffed the king of clubs continuation. Crossed to his hand with the queen of spades to take the successful heart finesse. Soon after made 12 tricks for +1430 and a top.  




Terima Kasih

The Canadian Senior Team would like to thank our supporters for their generosity. The Canadian Bridge Federation, Ron Zambonini, District 19, Unit 166, Unit 192, Unit 430 and all who took part in the fundraising in Vancouver.

We also like to thanks Eric Kokish and Beverly Kraft for their coaching support.

Personally I like to thank Robbie, David, Dan, Jurek, George and Boris for including me in these championships. It had been an honor. 



Bali Day 7.

Final day of the round robin and we still had an outside chance of making the KO if we get about 45 VPs from the three matches.

We play USA1 0.48-19.52 VPs. Next up Chinese Taipei 15-5 VPs then New Zealand 6.94-13.04 VPs.

Unfortunately it is all over for us, we missed the KO. Our team’s play was inconsistent, had our chances but didn’t capitalize on them, we were left wanting.

Nice bike ride around Nusa Dua.

Nice bike ride around Nusa Dua.

To-morrow Transnational Teams starts. The boys will play as a team of six. I get to play with my friend Josef Harsanyi. It will be fun just to play some bridge for a change.