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Oh what fun!

In the Open semi-final between Zambonini and Gartaganis with the score 73-126, we knew imps would be flying when play started for the last 15 boards.

This board 17 generated 14 imps for team Zambonini. 

The lead was queen of hearts, Shan (north) won with the ace, unblocked the ace of clubs, got in with the king of hearts, discarded a heart on the king of clubs. Ruffed the heart then played a trump. Had a count on the hand, drop of the queen jack of diamonds. he had 12 trick for +980.
When the other table played for restricted choice in diamonds went down in the slam. They won 14 imps.


Sabourin opened an off shape 1NT and soon found himself in six spades. With both the spade queen and king of club offside it was down one and lost of 11 imps.

Then there was board 26.


Poor north was shut out of the auction. With the lead of the ace of clubs, another Canadian slam came home.

At the other table North-South unwilling to test their opening lead skill, took a dive in seven clubs when West bid six diamonds, down four for -1100. Still won 8 imps for their side.

In the other match Board 26 also generated a few imps.

At Maksymetz and Rock’s table. They got to 5 spades, south also led the ace of clubs. Here they made 13 tricks for +710.

At the other table, Todd and Fisher open the East hand 2 diamonds (weak two in a major) got to 6 Diamonds. South also led the ace of clubs. Fisher made 12 tricks +1390 for gain of 12 imps.



It was fun watching on Vugraph. Don’t know about you, I needed a calculator to keep track of the all imps flying around.

When the dusts settled it would be McMullin (Gray McMullin, Sam Nystrom, Rock Shi Yan, Bryan Maksymetz, Tom Walsh) VS Gartaganis (Nick and Judy Gartaganis, Jeff Smith, Gordon Campbell, Paul Thurston, Ilya Kuzkin) in the 120 board final.

You can watch it all on BBO.

The match up in the Senior Teams semi-final :

Flock (Doran Flock, Dave Smith, Michael Schoenborn, Fred Lerner) VS Seigel (Joeseph Seigel, Lino D’Souza, Barry Onslow, John Arblaster)

Jotcham (Ray Jotcham, Bob Kuz, Barry Senensky, Steve Mackay) VS Smith (Duncan Smith, Peter Herold, Gerry McCully, Jim McAvoy, Ken Scholes)



Dave Memphis MOJOMay 9th, 2014 at 5:22 pm

I see one of the teams has a Dave Smith. I wish it were me.

MichaelMay 10th, 2014 at 2:14 pm

Both are great guys and good players.

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