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Are you a chicken?

There are 8 teams in the Seniors. After 7 matches of 15 boards, the top 4 teams will play 60 boards semi-final and 60 boards final.

We have a coast to coast team, I am playing with my old friend Keith Dowdall from Victoria BC, he was one of my first partners when we first played this game some 30 years ago. Our teammates are Paul Janicki from Markham ON and Leo Weniger from Halifax NS.

The 8 teams are Seigel (Joe Seigel, Lino D’Souza, Barry Onslow, John Arblaster, Don Domansky, Dave McLellan)

Jotcham (Ray Jotcham, Bob Kuz, Barry Senensky, Steve Mackay)

Fakih (Abdul Fakih, Hash Mohamed, Bob Toffan, Barry Pritchard)

Martineau (Charles Martineau, Andre Chartrand, Jacques Cloutier, Robert Morin, Serge Hamelin)

Smith (Duncan Smith, Peter Herold, Gerry McCully, James McAvoy, Ken Scholes)

Jones (Claire Jones, Jerry Mamer, Janice and Richard Anderson, Dennis Nelson, Charlie Lamb)

Flock (Doran Flock, Dave Smith, Michael Schoenborn, Fred Lerner)

Overheard at the bar, You hold 5 J 986 109876543. Partner open one spade, pass to you. What is your bid?


The chicken

Ken Collins pass and went all pass, found himself lost a slam swing!

Partner’s hand : AKJ42 A9873 A7 A

Club broke 2-2 with the queen of spades onside. 

Three out of the top four teams in the Open lost to-day. Maybe is better to be picked then to pick? Todd who was 4th was the only winner, had the restricted choice of Turner.

In the Open semi-final: Todd vs McMullin

Zambonini vs Gartaganis.

In the B final: Cossey (Glenn and Ciday Cossey, Nazir Ahmad, Laurie Shapka Thiel) VS Dufault (Jason Dufault, Bryant Town, Gary Karst, Ross Amour)



Paul HardyMay 8th, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Chicken. I would raise to 5 clubs right away as long as I don’t have an agreement with partner that this is exclusion Blackwood I wouldn’t blame him for raising 6 if we were playing exclusion Blackwood we would still be in clubs at the 3 to 6 level. This is a great Canadian slam we are not off any aces.

MichaelMay 9th, 2014 at 3:50 pm

You are right Paul, no self respecting Canadian would pass 🙂

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