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Samantha Nystrom

I am in shock and saddened to learn of Sam’s untimely passing. I last saw Sam in Denver just weeks ago, we hugged and chatted a little.

Sam was fun loving, a loyal friend, a lovely person. Bridge was good to Sam, it was the safe harbor during her youth. Sam was a natural, represented Canada while still in her teens, in 2004 at the 1st School Teams Championship in New York. And many more World Championships since.

2014 was her breakout year, playing with Gray McMullin, Bryan Maksymetz, Tom Walsh and Rock Shi Yan. They won the Canadian National Team Championship. The Team went on to represent Canada at the 4th Commonwealth National Bridge Championship. Came runners up in the Transnational Teams.

2016 was going to be even better for Sam, as she moved to Toronto and found love with Andrew Russell. Gone too soon Sam!


Samantha Nystrom

Samantha Nystrom


My thoughts and sympathies are with Sam and family.

There will be a Celebration of Life for Samantha at the Vancouver Bridge Center, on Saturday the 16th January 2016. 1pm to 3pm. It would have been Sam’s 32nd Birthday.

The family has requested no flowers. Instead, you may make a donation to a charity of your choice.

A Perfect Read!

As the 42nd World Bridge Teams Championships 2015 in Chennai, India is drawing to a close. There is still one more set of 16 boards to be played in the Open Final before the prize giving ceremony this evening.

The match between Poland and Sweden could not have been more exciting. The score was 243-266 with 16 boards to be played. 

Final Set 8. Board 20. Dealer West. All vul.


Johan Upmark (East) at trick 8, needed two more tricks. With a 5 card ending, made a perfect read to end play North. Made 8 trick for +120 for a much needed 6 imps when at the other table Poland went down one for -100.

Johan Upmark.

Johan Upmark.

Photos from the Championships are posted.

Edgar was right!

It is not often we see double game swing in team matches. It is even more rare to see a double doubled game swing.

2015 GNT SF Segment 4 of 4. Board 21. N-S Vulnerable. Dealer North.

Open Room.






Ken Scholes



Dan Jacob


At the close room.


X= Takeout.
Edgar would be proud, he always said takeout doubles are to be taken out!

Dick’s team generated a double doubled game swing to win 17 imps.

Shootout in Chicago.

Here is a board where aggressive bidding earned District 19 a game swing.

GNT Championship Fight Segment 3 of 4. Board 7. All vulnerable. Dealer South.

At the other table North-South was allowed to play in Four Hearts made 10 tricks for +620. Here Rock bid a 2 way Four Spades, either making or a cheap sacrifice, pushed Sylvia to the five level where she failed by a trick.












Sylvia Shi

Sylvia Shi


GNT Segment 3 of 4. Board 11. Non Vul. Dealer South.












3 = 2 of top three honors. 4 = Keycard ask. 6 = 1 Keycard + void.

Rock and Maks had a nice auction. Found the Club fit. Rock had all the controls, trump support and source of tricks. Knew Maks can’t have a bad Heart holding. Bid and made Seven Clubs for +1440, won 14 imps when their opponents at the other table had an accident in the auction, stopped in Four Hearts for +420.



 Rock Shi Yan

Rock Shi Yan


Bryan Maksymetz

Bryan Maksymetz



Dick’s team in action.

2015 GNT action.

In the SF Segment 1 of 4. Board 10. All Vul. Dealer East.


3 = Clubs. 4 = Key card ask. 4 = 2 Keycards no Queen.

The whole hand boiled down to finding the trump Queen. The percentage play with a 9 card fit is to play for a 2-2 break. Before a card is played the 3-1 break is 49.74% and a 2-2 break is 40.70%. however once each defender followed to the play of the suit, the odds changed. 2-0 break of the residues two cards is 48% and a 1-1 break is 52%.

Rock had very little to go on. Trusting his judgement that the  9 from South was a restricted choice situation, he finessed North for the Club Queen. He was right, made 12 tricks for +1370 and gained 12 imps. At the other table E-W were in 3NT made 10 tricks for +630.

Well done Rock.


In Honor of Dick Yarington.

Dick Yarington from Seattle passed away in July this year. He was a nice guy, always friendly and ready to give a hand when needed. He will be missed!


Dick Yarington

Dick Yarington

Before his untimely passing our District 19 team including Dick Yarington qualified to play in Chicago Summer NABC GNT Championship. In honor of Dick, the team of Ken Scholes, Dan Jacob, Bryan Maksymetz and Rock Yan Shi made Dick their non-playing captain


The Three Kings.

Some of us have heard of the Rabbi’s Rule. “If the king is singleton play the Ace.”

While in New Orleans playing the Mixed Pairs with June Pocock I came across this deal.

Dealer West. Neither side vulnerable.

The lead was Ace of clubs, dropped the King from dummy, Jack, 7. North switched to the Queen of hearts, 3, Ace and once again dropped the King! South led the 10 of Diamonds, Ace, at this point I half expected another King to drop, but it was the 7, 5. Now June led the Queen of Spades, 5, Ace, dropped another singleton King!!!

What an amazing hand, three times the Rabbi’s rule.

Best Laid Plans…


At the recent Vancouver Sectional Open Pairs. Session 1,  Dealer East. North-South vulnerable. This board generated alot of buzz.

Many North-South pairs played either in 6, 7 Hearts or 6, 7 Spades. Some even played the slams doubled. Litwin and Ballantyne made the grand slam redoubled for +2940. They thought they had a clear top til I played the board.

Some East-West pairs found the 7 Clubs sacrifice and earned their good score. Only one North-South Pair went down in the grand doubled.

Playing with a friend, I was West. Held : Q Void J109754 Q86532


All Pass
(1) precision
(2) Minors
(3) RKC
(4) It was a good idea at the time.
(5) I didnt ask.


 The board :


The play went considerably quicker then the auction. The lead was the Diamond Ace, all followed. Before I could utter a sound. North played one of his many Spades. I gratefully ruffed it, at the same time threw my hand on the table and said “Draw trumps and claim.”

Down 12 doubled not vulnerable was -3200, netted a TOP for our opponents.

However it was mildly disappointing that the defenders denied me the pleasure of going down all 13 tricks!

Canadian Women’s Teams Championship

Over the 15 August weekend In Edmonton. In 120 boards final, Team Cimon : Francine Cimon – Sandra Fraser – Isabelle Brisebois – Kismet Fung best Team DECT : Katie Thorpe – Ina Demme – Joan Eaton – Karen Cumpstone 222 to 197.

Congratulations to both teams for a very exciting final.



Isabelle - Sandra - Kismet - Francine.

Isabelle – Sandra – Kismet – Francine.

The Canadian Champions will play off against Mexico and a chance to represent Canada at the World Bridge Teams in Chennai, India 2015.

More Winners.

The IMP Pairs 

1. Piotr Kimowicz and Dan Jacob.


Dan Jacob and Piotr Kimowicz.

2. Ina Demme and Bill Kertes.


Bill Kertes and Ina Demme.

3. John Carruther and Joe Silver.

Playing the Open pairs, in a four card ending I had four of a kind. Wish I was playing Poker.


Overheard at the bar.

Roche “You know what they say about guys with big shoes?”

Yuen “What do they say?”

Roche “They have big feet”

CNTC winners :


Rock Shi Yan, Bryan Maksymetz, Gray McMullin, Tom Walsh, Samantha Nystrom.

Chartwell CSTC winners :

Dave Smith, Fred Lerner, Doran Flock, Michael Schoenborn.

Canadian Open Pairs Championship :


Dan Jacob and Piotr Kimowicz.

Congratulations to all.

Delores Hedley

Delores Hedley

A big THANK YOU goes to Delores Hedley, Frank Ayer and all the volunteers for the wonderful hospitality.