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Shootout in Chicago.

Here is a board where aggressive bidding earned District 19 a game swing.

GNT Championship Fight Segment 3 of 4. Board 7. All vulnerable. Dealer South.

At the other table North-South was allowed to play in Four Hearts made 10 tricks for +620. Here Rock bid a 2 way Four Spades, either making or a cheap sacrifice, pushed Sylvia to the five level where she failed by a trick.












Sylvia Shi

Sylvia Shi


GNT Segment 3 of 4. Board 11. Non Vul. Dealer South.












3 = 2 of top three honors. 4 = Keycard ask. 6 = 1 Keycard + void.

Rock and Maks had a nice auction. Found the Club fit. Rock had all the controls, trump support and source of tricks. Knew Maks can’t have a bad Heart holding. Bid and made Seven Clubs for +1440, won 14 imps when their opponents at the other table had an accident in the auction, stopped in Four Hearts for +420.



 Rock Shi Yan

Rock Shi Yan


Bryan Maksymetz

Bryan Maksymetz




Jeff LehmanAugust 12th, 2015 at 5:34 pm

On 7, what do you think about 4S raise on the first round of bidding?

Michael YuenAugust 16th, 2015 at 8:54 pm

On 7 imo 4S can be more trumps and less hcp. 3S gives partner a chance for 4C bid and us 4D if he is slaming.

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