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Dick’s team in action.

2015 GNT action.

In the SF Segment 1 of 4. Board 10. All Vul. Dealer East.


3 = Clubs. 4 = Key card ask. 4 = 2 Keycards no Queen.

The whole hand boiled down to finding the trump Queen. The percentage play with a 9 card fit is to play for a 2-2 break. Before a card is played the 3-1 break is 49.74% and a 2-2 break is 40.70%. however once each defender followed to the play of the suit, the odds changed. 2-0 break of the residues two cards is 48% and a 1-1 break is 52%.

Rock had very little to go on. Trusting his judgement that the  9 from South was a restricted choice situation, he finessed North for the Club Queen. He was right, made 12 tricks for +1370 and gained 12 imps. At the other table E-W were in 3NT made 10 tricks for +630.

Well done Rock.



slarAugust 10th, 2015 at 1:31 am

Boo! You got lucky! South always would have played the 9 if he had it.

Sorry, Bill Cole fan here. 🙂

Jeff LehmanAugust 12th, 2015 at 5:31 pm

Not sure I understand your comment, Slar, about “always” playing the 9 if held. From Q97/Q94, I can see reason to play the nine on first round. But why would it be right to play the nine from 97 or 94?

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