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Bali Bound – Dan Jacob

Dan Jacob lives in Vancouver BC. Was born in Bucharest, Romania. He left Romania shortly after graduating with an engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and moved to Canada after spending 7 months in Paris, France.

Dan Jacob

Dan Jacob

Dan is married to Cristina, bridge player, also an engineer (different specialty). They have two children (Carol and Julien) both born in Vancouver, BC. Darling of the family grandson Holden (5y old).

They love the great outdoors, selected Vancouver even before they immigrated to British Columbia. Enjoys skiing, hiking, fishing, etc.

Dan likes sports, both to play (racquet sports, skiing, cycling, over for soccer) and some to watch (tennis, hockey, soccer). Having been to the Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open, Dan dreams of the Grand Slam (tennis), looking forward to experience Wimbledon one day soon.

Used to managed an engineering program for the federal government but retired recently. 

Dan started playing bridge in the first year of university and never stopped.

Many time winner in both the Canadian National Teams Championships and North American Bridge Championships. Represented Canada at international competitions numerous times.



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