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Bali Bound – Jurek Czyzowicz

Jurek Czyzowicz originally from Poland, now lives in Gatineau, Quebec. Married with 5 kids ranging from 22 to 40.  Jurek enjoys time with family on the weekend when he is not traveling.

Still doing his part to keep the Canadian economy going, professor at University of Quebec in math and computer science. Doing research in the domain of algorithms.

Jurek Czyzowicz

Jurek Czyzowicz

Since the year 2000, when he started playing more often, Jurek won 7 times Canadian Championships, 3 times in the Open, 3 times in the Senior and once in the Pairs competition. 

Often plays in European Bridge Championships and North American Bridge Championships.

In Bali he will partner with Dan Jacob.

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AngelaSeptember 7th, 2013 at 7:20 pm

Thanks for these bios Michael and good luck to the team in Bali

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