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Bali Bound – Robert Lebi

Robert Lebi of Toronto ON, Robbie to his friends, born in Paris France, graduated McGill University, retired from a career in IT in the financial industry.

Happily married to Judith Arbus for the last 6 years. 

Robert Lebi

Robert Lebi

Won the 1971 Canadian Intercollegiate Open Pairs and Open Teams for McGill, Blue Ribbon Pairs 1989, Fast Pairs 2006, Silodor Open Pairs 2008 and Wernher Open Pairs 2012.3 Canadian National Teams Championships and the Canada Senior Teams this year. Represented Canada in numerous World Championships.

Proudest Bridge achievement was 2nd place in 1982 Reisinger.

Of notoriety was winning the 1978 Toronto Summer National Regional Swiss Teams – 603 teams, the largest entry in the history of bridge until then with a score of 8-0.


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