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Don’t Give Up!

Often you see teams give up the boat when they fall behind more then 60 IMPs in a match.

At the Australia Open Team Playoffs yesterday, Team Harper (Ross Harper, Ishmael Del’Monte, Stephen Burgess, Michael Courtney, Kieran Dyke and Peter Gill) were behind Team Brown (Terry Brown, Avinash Kanetkar, Paul Lavings, Robert Krochmalik, Dave Lilley and Zolly Nagy) by 70 IMPs with 16 boards to play.

I for one am glad they didn’t resign, because the match was very exciting, came down to the wire. After 15 boards Team Harper was on a 61 to 5 run when the last board hit the table.

In the open room, Team Harper took the six spade sacrifice and went down three doubled, for -500.

If their teammates in the other room bid and make six hearts for +1430 that will give them 14 IMPs, will tie and extend the match.

Alas, they bid and made six club for +1370, that translated to only 13 IMPs.  Lost the match by 2 IMPs! Still it was a great 74 to 5 run over 16 boards.

You can see the score board here for the match. 

Their auction was :

West North East South
3NT Pass 6  All Pass


The final result Team Brown 182- Team Harper 181.



In the Women’s Team Playoffs.

Team Travis (Elizabeth Havas, Nevena Djurovic, Barbara Travis and Candice Ginsberg) best Team Hoffman (Julia Hoffman, Jenny Thompson, Sheila Bird, Karen Creet, Eva Caplan and Rena Kaplan) 241 to 214 IMPs.

Team Brown  and Team Travis will represent Australia at The 2nd World Mind Sports Games in Lillie, France this summer.

The Seniors Team Playoff will take place from 18th to 22nd April 2012.




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