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One For The Ages

Over the weekend I was visiting with friends in Victoria on Vancouver Island when a Sectional Tournament broke out.

Barbara Stewart and Peter Marinus won the Open Pairs, running away with a huge 67.27% game!

With that Barbara thus confirming she is the stronger matchpoint player at the Roche-Stewart household.

Keith Dowdall and I finished a strong second, some 5% behind the winners.

In the Swiss, the team of  Michael Roche, Jym Galand, Peter Herold and Karen Cumpstone took no prisoners, won the event before the last match with 131 VPs.

Karen Billett, Ewa Zwicky, Barbard Stewart and Debbie Hargraves were second with 98 VPs.

A gentle reminder that Michael is still the king of IMPs at that household.

I playing with Cary Salmi, Keith Dowdall and Ernie Tradewell finished at 5th with 90 VPs.

Barbara Stewart - Peter Marinus

Overheard at the water cooler.

Linda Marinus the tournament director had the Friday afternoon off. So she picked up a Partner at the partnership desk and was thrill that the player turned out to be one of Canada’s best (He moved to Victoria from Toronto in 2007.)

Board 12. Dealer West. N-S vulnerable.

As South: Linda picked up   J98532  AQJ10  A85   Void.

Her LHO open 1   Partner bid 1   RHO pass, she bid 2  – Cue bid forcing.

LHO pass, Partner 2 , RHO pass, she bid 4  – Splinter with support.

LHO pass, Partner 6 , RHO pass, All pass.


West North East South
1  1  Pass 2 
Pass 2   Pass  4  
Pass 6   All Pass   


Can you guess Parner’s hand?

The full deal.


Dealer: West
Vul: N-S




Partner played West-the opening bidder for the king of hearts, made 12 tricks for +1430. Got 33 MPs on a 38 top. 

Being a TD Linda is used to seeing strange happenings at the tables. Still I have to give her full marks for disecting this auction at the table!

Just another day at the office.

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AngelaApril 18th, 2012 at 6:55 pm

Nice story!

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