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Memories Are Made Of These

The other night at the Vancouver Bridge Center, some 80 players turned out in honor of Ev Hodge, a well loved player from Vancouver who passed away in 2011. 

The occasion was the Ev Hodge Charity Classic. An annual event that raise money for charity.

The evening started out with appetizers and a pot luck dinner. Many players out done themselves by preparing delicious dishes. 

After dinner, we had the auction of local top players. The purpose of the auction was to raise money for travel subsidy (For national and international tournaments.) It was also a good way for the top players to give something back to The Unit.  



Players : Aidan Ballantyne, Larry Hicks, Dan Jacob, Katrin Litwin, Bryan Maksymetz, Samantha Nystrom, Rock Shi Yan and Michael Yuen made themselves available for the auction.


Auctioneer for the evening was Larry Pocock. After much conjuring, the grand total of $840 was raised for our unit’s travel subsidy fund.  

The successful bidders were Greg Morse (Michael), Kathryn Shannon (Aidan), Rita Dodge (Samantha), Rangie Sylvester (Bryan), Monica Angus (Rock), Brian Liu (Katrin), Mike Moffatt (Larry) and Alex Roman (Dan). Each won a game with a player of their choice.


Marge Neate shared a funny story, that brought back fond memories of Ev.  

“One day A man came to the house looking to rent one of Ev’s rooms. Ev saw him from the window, rather then telling him the room had been taken when he came into the house, she hid in the closet. After looking around, the man left. Ev came out and said aloud : “anybody want to play hide and seek?”



A 18 tables bridge game followed. Proceeds from entry fees donated to Ev’s choice, Canuck Place.

Kathy Adachi and Marguerite Chiarenza won with 63.69% game. Congratulations.


We like to thank Anne Smith and Lavren Weiler, with help from Marie for organizing the dinner. Larry Pocock for doing such a great job as the auctioneer. Bev Hall and Gail Heuchert did the flowers and decorations. Bruce and Cassia McIntyre for running the game. All the deep pockets for supporting the auctions. Last but not least, The Unit for supporting this wonderful event. 

I am sure Ev would have enjoyed the evening.

A great time was had by all.



ZoranApril 3rd, 2012 at 4:39 pm

Nicely written Mike. I’ve been also told by other players that it was an awesome evening and I’m sorry that I missed it.

David Memphis MOJO SmithApril 3rd, 2012 at 10:38 pm

Ev sounds like a character and a fun person.

Derek WardApril 11th, 2012 at 3:41 pm

Nice pictures Mike – Ev was a wonderful and fun person – brought back many fond memories.

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