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Their day in the sun.

Jill Thompson and Josee Hammill started playing duplicate four years ago at Rayner’s Mississauga-Oakville Bridge Centre. They didn’t let their first 38% game discourage them, only made them want to do better.



Last night in CWTC Match 7, they bid and made this grand slam.

 Well done you two. 






The match up for the CNTC: Rayner vs Zambonini. Hanna vs Hughes.

The match up for the CWTC: Cimon vs Eatons

The above matches will be on BBO.

The match up for CNTC B: Cossey vs Larrivee.

Leaders in the CSTC: Baran 131. Dickie 109. Penton 88. Flock 85. 

Overheard at the bar:

Bob’s team is not playing well and is in desperate need of victory points. 

Bob, ” Lets phone all our opponents’ cell phones while they are playing, each ring will incur a 2 vp penalty.”

John, ” There are not enough cell phones in this world to help your team!”

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