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The home stretch

The fourth and last day of the round robin and only the top 8 will make the Quarter Final. There are still 4 matches to play so there will be many chances for some teams to advance but unfortunately it is not the case for our team. We started slow and just didn’t recover.

I like to thank Brad, Cam, Doug, Aidan and Maurice for playing. It was lots of fun.

We all know that the sigh of good teammates is that whenever you have a bad board they can cover you.

Aidan and Doug bid and made game for +620. Expecting to win IMPS.


 However at the other table, their teammates had an accident and gave up -580.

+620 and -580 indeed won an IMP :))



End of the round robin, These teams will play to-morrow.

CNTC : Rayner vs Harper. Hanna vs Janicki. Hughes vs Silver. Todd vs Zambonini.

CWTC: Cimon vs Macnab. Eaton vs Smith.

CNTC B: McLeod vs Cossey. Walsh vs Larrivee.

Good luck to all. 

Overheard at the bar:

Michael Roche and John Rayner were having a heated discussion about a defensive problem and they could not come to an agreement. Michael noticed there were two ladies having dinner at the next table.

Michael, “Do you two play bridge?”

Lady with the fork in hand “no.”

Michael, “If they bid a slam and you hold the Ace of spades, what would you lead?”

Both ladies, “Ace of spades?!”

Michael turned to John, ” See, they agreed with me”


Ross TaylorMay 25th, 2011 at 2:34 pm

Thanks for the daily reports Michael. I loved the Roche – Rayner story 🙂

Ask Bob Todd if he is getting tired of drawing Dan Korbel’s teams each year in the playoffs !

I think this is at least three years in a row.

David Memphis MOJO SmithMay 26th, 2011 at 1:33 am

Funny story!

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