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The club house Turn

 It is day 3 of the round robin and the half way point of the event.

We won another evening match to-night!! If only all our matches starts at 7pm.

Here is a well played hand by Waldemar.


The key play was at trick 2 when he led the seven of hearts and not the ten. That kept communications between the two hands.

This deal generated lots of discussion. How would you and your partner bid this hand?

Round 7. Board 5. Dealer North. N-S Vul.

As North you hold    KQ9632 AKQJ103 Q

You partner   Q9732  A4  94  AJ83 

At the end of the third day. The leaders are in the CNTC: Nader-196. Rayner-190. Janicki-181. Hughes-178.

After two day. The leaders are in the CWTC: MacNab-78. Eaton-73. Cimon-71. Smith-65.

The leaders are in the CNTC B: Walsh-145. Larrivee-117. Mcleod-117. Raywood-113.

The hospitality has been great. $2 drinks at the bar and evening snacks. Breakfast in the morning for those that needed a coffeine fix before heading into battle.

For those that are looking for more table action after the game. The hotel can arrange a limo ride to Casino Regina.

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David Memphis MOJO SmithMay 24th, 2011 at 4:16 pm

Thanks for the updates and GL the rest of the way.

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