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In the Money

To-day the women team final was on BBO and there was no shortage of excitement. 

After 72 boards, the winners on the CWTC are Joan Eaton, Karen Cumpstone, Katrin Litwin and Sandra Fraser.

Joan, Nader, Sandra, Karen and Katrin.

Joan, Nader, Sandra, Karen and Katrin.

The silver goes to Francine Cimon, Linda Lee, Rhoda Habert and Sylvia Caley.


Francine, Sylvia and Linda. Missing Rhoda.

Francine, Sylvia and Linda. Missing Rhoda.

3/4 place teams are: Julie Smith, Susan Peters, Angela Fenton and Samantha Nystrom. Kathie Macnab, Anne Mahoney, Maureen Barnes and Diana Knowles.


Julie, Sam, Angela and Susan.

Julie, Sam, Angela and Susan.


Maureen, Diana, Kathie and Anne.

Maureen, Diana, Kathie and Anne.



The winner for the CNTC B are Glenn Cossey, Don McCarthy, Nazir Ahmad and Larry Custead.

The silver goes to Jason Larrivee, Larry Whitlow, Rupa Krishnan and Paul Clemens.

3/4 placed teams are: Tom Walsh, Don Shatilla, Mark Churchman and Derrick Furber. Cal McLeod, Jackson Chan, James Dulmage and Richard Gaucher.

The winners in the IMP pairs are: 1. Kavin Raywood-Gray McMulin. 2. Julie Smith-Susan Peters. 3. David Sabourin-Jeffrey Smith.

Congratulations to all the teams for a wonderful tournament.  

Last evening the Rayner team (Roche, Lindop, Baxter, Hargreaves and McAvoy) was behind Harper (Johannsson, Duquette, Bishop) 32 VP with 16 boards to go. Rayner mounted a great run and won the set 73 to 11.

The following hand contributed to their come back win.


Michael Roche found the great lead of the king of spades, declarer had to go down one for -100.

At the other table they led a heart and never switched to spade, so they made 3nt. Won 13 imps.

To-morrow for the Senior, the match up are: Baran vs Anderson. Dickie vs Penton.

In the CNTC the match up for the final will be: Rayner (Roche, Lindop, Bexter, Hargreaves, McAvoy) Vs Hughes (Turner, Marcinski, Maksymetz)

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David Memphis MOJO SmithMay 27th, 2011 at 3:12 pm

Thanks for the photos — i love to be able to put a face with a name.

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