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My friends Dave Smith and Maurice De le salle were in Penticton-The Wine Country for some sun and fun. Oh yes, some bridge also from time to time.

Last night at the semifinal of the “Chardonnay” Knockout Teams, they played very well. We were down 12vp when they came in for the second half.

Board 25. Dealer North. E-W vulerable.

Maurice held A76 K109 AKJ97 73

Heard this auction,


West North East South
  1NT Pass Pass
DBL Pass Pass Pass



Maurice knew he needed imps made a great double! Dave was on the same wave length, passed! 



Dealer: North

Vul: E-W

West Maurice East Dave
A76 9832
K109 Q72
AKJ97 Q2
73 10952



Dave found the excellent lead of heart two. There after Declarer could only make five trick for down two, -300.


Hendrik, Gerry, Michael, Dave, Mauirce

Hendrik, Gerry, Michael, Dave, Mauirce


At the other table, our team-mates, Hendrik Sharples and Gerry Marshall  were allowed to play one no-trump undouble. The lead was a spade, South won the ace, cashed his five diamond tricks but Hendrik was able to claim seven tricks and the contract for +90. We won 9 Imps.

This hand started our team’s come back and we won the match by 2 imps. We went on to win the event. This was sweet recovery for the disappointment we experienced few weeks ago.

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