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To pass or not to pass?

At the CSTC after first quarter of a sixty-four boards semi final our lead was 27 VP.  

In the second quarter, we had played fifteen boards and got all plus scores. Board 24 was the last board of the sixteen board set.

Board 24. Dealer West. None vulnerable.

As South, I held  52 AQ A10962 K762

The auction was three passes to me.

Should I pass or open the hand one diamond? I knew we had a monster set going so the match result was not in question. Pass would preserve all plus scores and a pass out board? Open the bidding and try for the 16th plus while risking a minus score?

It was a close decision to start with. On one hand I didn’t have the majors, on the other hand I had good opening bid. In the end I chose to open one diamond.

This was the auction.


West North East South
Pass Pass Pass 1
Pass 1 Pass 2
Pass Pass Pass  


The hands were.



Dealer: West

Vul: None

North Maurice  
West East
AKQ6 J93
9863 K42
J53 K87
94 Q1083


The lead was spade ace, four, three, two. Spade king, seven, nine, five. Spade six, eight, jack and I ruff with club two. Diamond two, six, queen and won by the king. Heart two, queen, three, five. Heart ace, three, seven and four. Diamond ace, five, four, seven. Diamond ten, jack, ruff with club five, eight. Heart jack, king, ruff with club six, eight.

So far I had won six trick and can not be prevented from winning two more tricks with the ace and king of trumps. Making two clubs for +90.

A the other table. The auction when this way. 


West North East South
Pass Pass Pass 1
1 DBL 2 3
Pass 3 Pass Pass


Doran made a great one spade overcall and when Dave raised to two spades, pushed our opponents one level higher. Declarer dropped a trick in the play and went down two for -100. That gave our side 5 imp.

For Maurice and I, it is first time ever that we have all plus scores in a sixteen board match!

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