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Am in Prague, Czech Republic to cheer on my son Jeff, in his Ultimate advanture. He and his team Chaos from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada are playing in the Ultimate World Championsip.

Much like bridge world championships, there are four divisions in these events. 48 teams in the Open. 32 teams in Women. 40 teams in the Mixed and 16 teams in the Master. With some 28 players on each team, there will be more then 3000 players throwing and catching Frisbees in the coming week!

Like bridge, teams from all over the world will be there.  Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, Finland, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Veneezuela, Belarus, Luxemburg, Eastonia, Mexico, Croatia, Slovenia, Brazil, Belgium, Singapore, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, New Zealand, Spain, Austria, Italy, Colombia, China, Ireland, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Dominican Republic and Ireland. Some 37 countries will participate in these championships.

Like bridge, teams are seeded in this tournament based on past performances at world events. Chaos was second in the Worlds in Findland and current Canadian Mixed Champions are seeded 4th in the Mixed Division. I know they will be competitive and looking forward to the games.

Like bridge, these games will be covered on the internet everyday.

Most of Ultimate games are play in the great outdoors durning day light hours. Maybe, just maybe I will have time one of these evenings to check out the local bridge club.


Ross TaylorJuly 2nd, 2010 at 11:00 pm

Hi Michael -Prague is special – I love it. Keith and Dianne were there a few years ago and played at a a local duplicate and said it was one of their best bridge experiences ever. Wish I knew what the club was called.

Dave Memphis MOJOJuly 3rd, 2010 at 5:16 am

GL to your son.

MichaelJuly 12th, 2010 at 6:06 am

After a a hot week +33C most days, Chaos placed 12 out of 40. Well done team.

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