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What a great lead!

Sabine Auken (North) and Daniela von Arnim of Germany was playing against China when this hand came up.

Holding  S103 H109842 DQ10 C8762 on lead with the following auction. What would you lead?

Dealer East. all NV.

West North East South
1D pass
2NT* pass 3NT all pass

Sabine found the queen of diamond lead!

The full deal is.

♠ 103
♥ 109842
◊ Q10
West ♣ 8762 East
♠ Q64 ♠ 9875
♥ AQJ ♥ K5
◊ A43 ◊ J652
♣ Q1093 ♣ AKJ
♠ AKJ2
♥ 763
◊ K987
♣ 54

At the other table Pony (West) also in three no trump. Got the ten of heart lead won by the king and led spade from dummy toward her hand twice to score the queen of spade for her contract.

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