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Michael at the Art Zone


It was the last day of the Swiss and our team needed a good day to have any chances of making into the KO stage.

Match 15th vs Austria we won 50 imp to 38 imp and with 18 vp we claimed to 14th position and gave us hope.

Match 16 vs Belgium we lost 22 imp to 51 imp and got only 8 vp.

Match 17 vs Portugal we lost 26 imp to 38 imp and got another 12 vp.

Our total of 263 vp was good for 24th position out of 74 teams.

Over all The Team played hard and got along well. We even made some new friends and had lots of fun. We had a shot up to the last day and that is all we can ask for.

So it is over for the Youth Team in this event. David and David will play the pairs for the next few days. Others will visit friends and sight see. I will play the Transnational Mixed Team and enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada.

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