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Match 13 against France, David Grainger (North) and David Sabourin (South) were in action on Board seven.

  ♠ QJ1098  
  ♥ KQ1052  
  ◊  1064  
West ♣ void East
♠ 6432   ♠ AK75
♥ A7   ♥ 86
◊  QJ7   ◊ 983
♣ A872 South ♣ KJ104
  ♠ void  
  ♥ J943  
  ◊ AK52  
  ♣ Q9653  

Dealer South All Vulnerable

West North East South
pass pass 1♣ pass
1♠ 2♥ 2♠ 4♥
4♠ DBL all pass  


Holding five trumps David Grainger was more then happy to double four spade when the bidding tray came back to him. 

Opening lead was the heart king, six, three, ace. Declarer played spade two, eight, ace and heart four. The club king was ruffed by north with the spade nine. Play of spade queen forced the spade king. The club jack was covered by queen, ace and north discarded the diamond four. Club eight, diamond four, ten and six. Declarer now out of winners played the diamond nine, ace, seven and ten. Sabourin led heart nine, seven, ten and eight.

Grainger got in to draw trumps then played winning hearts to beat four spade doubled five down for 1400.

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