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Did You See THAT!

In the Transnational Mixed Teams Canada’s Susan Culham (South) was playing with Bryan Maksymetz (North) round 12 when board 24 arrived at the table.


J963     754
J2 1063
6 AQJ3
A109543 Q76


Dealer West. None Vul. This was the auction.


West North East South
pass 1 pass 1
DBL 3 pass 3
pass 4 pass 4
pass 4 pass pass


West led the diamond six, seven, ace and two. The diamond queen came back, king, ruffed by west with the heart two, four. He led back the Heart jack, ace, three and four. Susan played the Heart five, six, queen and west discarded the club three.

Susan can see she is short a trick for her contract even if she guessed the club position and came up with a fantastic play of the spade ten, three, two and four. After spade ace, six, eight and seven. Susan played heart nine, club five, king, ten. She was able to discard her diamond losers on the king and queen of spade. Led club eight, seven, finessed the jack and ace. The club king was her tenth trick. Made four hearts for plus 420.

At this point the west player turned around to his friends that were watching and asked “Did you see THAT!”

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