Mike Yuen — Mike talks about bridge

Rocking in River Rock.

The Vancouver Regional final table count was 1510 at the end of the tournament, 50% more then two years ago! Much thanks have to go to tournament chair Cam Doner, Monica Angus, Jane Youngberg and their team of volunteers.

Cam Doner and Jane Youngberg.


It was announced that the next Regional had been booked in the same location, the River Rock Hotel Casino 7th April – 13, 2014. Better make plans early.

Howard Epley and Monica Angus.

Bruce McIntyre better known in this parts as McBruce, did a fantastic job with the Daily Bulletin. He also duplicated all the boards for the Regional. 

Bruce McIntyre - McBruce at work.


Playing with Keith Dowdall, Jadwiga Polujan and Bob Gwirtzman. We won the Peter Morse KO Team on Saturday. Thanks team, everybody played well.

Keith and I bid and made this slam which helped us to the win. 

Board 19. Dealer South. East-West vulnerable.  

Dealer: South
Vul: E-W



The auction. 

West North East South
1   Pass  2  Pass 
3   Pass  4  DBL
RDBL Pass 4  Pass
4NT Pass 5  Pass
6  All Pass    

The lead was the eight of clubs. Once South open the bidding, Keith was able to play him for everything.

Made 12 tricks for +1430 and won 13 IMPs.

At the other table they played in game, made 12 tricks for +680.

Keith Dowdall, Jadwiga Polujan, Bob Gwirtzman and I.


Michael Dimich’s team won the Sunday Swiss running away. They clinched the event before the last match!

Michael Dimich, Laurence Betts, Don Brazeau and John Bryden.




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