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Bridge Week 2012

The Canadian National Team Championship is taking place in Montreal PQ from the 28th April to the 7th of May 2012.

The winner of the Open, Women and Senior Team Championships will represent Canada in the upcoming World Bridge Game in Lille this summer.

In the Open there are 18 teams. 1st stage is a complete round robin for four days then the top 8 teams will play KO till we have a winner.

In the Women there are 6 teams. They will also play a complete round robin, the top 4 teams will play KO.

The Seniors will play a 2 days Swiss. Top 4 will play KO for one winner. Even starts on Wednesday the 2nd of May.

It will be a very strong field this year looking at all the players sitting out the Open Teams.

In the Open: 

It is the 3rd day and we have a log jam at the top of the table.

After 10 matches there are 6 teams with the 173 VPs tied for the lead.

L’Ecuyer, Janicki, Cannell, Krnjevic, Zaluski, Sinno all at 173 VPs. Then Martineau at 168 VPs, Carriere at 161 VPs rounding out the top 8..

It had often been said that you can’t win the championship in the round robin, you can only lose it.

There are still seven matches to be played between to-day and to-morrow. While is true that all the rest of the teams still have good chances to made the KO stage. However it’s time to make a move to keep in touch with the leaders.

After round 12 of 17.

The top 8 remain much the same.

1 Cannell 219. 2 Sinno 212. 3 Janicki 211. 4 L’Ecuyer 206. 5 Krnjevic 205. 6 Zalucki 199. 7 Carriere 198. 8 Martineau 188.

Todd made a move to 9th with 188 VPs, only 3 VPs out of 8th.

After round 13.

1. Cannell 237. 2 Sinno 227. 3/4 Janicki. 3/4 Carriere 223. 5/6 Zalucki. 5/6 Krnjevic 222. 7 L’Ecuyer 219. 8 Todd 211.

Martineau 195, Weniger 190 and Rayner 189 in a dog fight for a play off spot.

After round 14.

This was the last match of the day.

1 Cannell 255. 2/3 Zalucki. 2/3 Carriere 243. 4 Janicki 242. 5 Sinno 238. 6 Krnjevic 236. 7 L’Ecuyer 235. 8 Todd 227. 9 Martineau 211. 10 Rayner 201. 11/12 Wang. 11/12 Weniger 200. 13 Mayer 196. 14 Brough 183. 15 Boucher 171. 16 Castonguay 170. 17 Chevalier 163. 18 Tremblay 132.

It will be a sleepless night for some as teams down to 12th position still have a chance to make the top 8.

This was the last match of the day. There will be 3 more matches up for grabs to-morrow. 

After the 17th and last round.

The top 8 teams are :

1. Cannell 308 VPs. 2 Carriere 304 VPs. 3 L’Ecuyer 295 VPs. 4 Janicki 287 VPs. 5 Sinno 284 VPs. 6 Zaluski 283 VPs. 7 Todd 279 VPs. 8 Rayner 266 VPs.

Rayner step on the gas and won all 3 matches to-day to make the playoff. Amazing!

In the Women’s:

After 2 matches.

It is Fung at 38 VPs, Macnab at 36, Demme at 30 and Caley at 26. Dupont and Thompson both at 24.

All six teams are still alive and I would expect any team that played average to make the KO. 

After 3 matches out of 5.

1 Fung at 58 VPs. 2 Macnab at 46. 3 Caley at 44 and 4 Thompson won a match to move into 4th with 43 VPs. Demme with 42 VPs at 5th.

Still anybody’s ball game.

After the 4th Match.

1. Fung 76 Vps. 2 Caley 69. 3/4 Demme. 3/4 Macnab 59. 5 Dupont 47. 6 Thompson 46.

The 5th and 6th place team still have a mathematical chance of making the playoffs. They have to win their match and hope for the best.

To-morrow the match between Fung and Caley will decide the standings.

There is a big advantage for winning the round Robin, winner gets to pick their Semi-final opponent. With 2nd playing whoever is left.

After 5th Match.

1 Fung 97 VPs. 2 Demme 79 VPs. 3 Caley 78 VPs. 4 Macnab 76 VPs.

Fung went undefeated in the round robin. They picked Macnab in the Semi- final. So Demme will play Caley in the other.





David Memphis MOJO SmithApril 30th, 2012 at 9:05 pm

Are you playing in the Senior event?

MichaelApril 30th, 2012 at 9:27 pm

Yes Dave, I will be there on Tuesday.

David Memphis MOJO SmithMay 2nd, 2012 at 5:21 pm

Good luck!

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