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Second chances.

The year was 1965, I was studying in London, England. It was a wonderful time, care free and out of sight of my doting parents. 

One Saturday evening at the Commonwealth Student Union dance, I met Ann Marie, Swiss, tall, blond and dropped dead gorgeous!.  She was studying English in The City. We got along famously for the next three years.

Then came one dreadful day, Ann Marie told me, she had finished her studies and her father had requested her home. It was a tearful goodbye and we promised to keep in touch via the Royal Mail.  

Soon after, I immigrated to Canada. Then life got in the way, we lost touch.

The intercom came alive, “Good morning, we have began our descent into Geneva. The Captain had switched on the seat belt sign…..” I awoke from a deep sleep. I looked out the window and into brilliant sunshine.

life is much like bridge. Sometimes earlier decision in a deal can be fatal. Other times one gets a second chance.

Take for example, in the USA1 Seniors match : LYNCH (Carolyn Lynch, Mark Lair, John Sutherlin, Mike Passell, Garey Hayden, Peter Weichsel) vs SCHWARTZ (Richard Schwartz, Dan Morse, Arnold Fisher, Lewis Finkel, Bobby Wolff, Fred Hamilton) 

Board 7. Dealer South. Both Vul.



Lynch led K, 2, Q, 3. Passell tried to get her to switch to spade by playing the queen, but the message got lost and the  8 was continued, 5, 4, 6.

Lucky for her, the eight of clubs was high and held the lead. At trick three, given a second chance, Lynch found the much needed spade switch. The contract of four hearts was down one, +100 to the Lynch team.

At the other table, North-Morse and South-Wolff played in 4 made five for +150. So the spade switch held the lost to only 2 imps.


I am on my way to see my daughter, Anita, who lives in Geneve, Switzerland. As we both live busy lives, it had not been easy for us to get together. 

This week, I am going to make the most of our visit.





David Memphis MOJO SmithJune 10th, 2011 at 3:43 am

Safe travels.

MichaelJune 10th, 2011 at 7:11 am

Merci. Hey Dave, you and Kate going to Paris?

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