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Best laid plans.

At the end of the grueling match in the recent Canadian National Teams championship.

John Rayner, while enjoying a well deserved beverage, told me the best hand he ever played.

Board 18. Dealer East. N-S vul.

As West, he held : K107 1096543 K Q42

This was the auction. 

West North East South
pass 2 pass 2  
pass  3NT  All pass   

Yes, it is a lead problem. What would you lead?

John led the 2. He listen to the auction. he knew his LHO had spades and his RHO had hearts.

This was the deal.


Roy Hughes looked at the 2, thought for a long time, then took his eight tricks for down one. -100.



At the other table the contract was also 3NT. However this time it was played by North. East, the long club hand was on lead and led a 4th best club. Declarer tried to make his contract, as a result down three for -300.

Despite John’s best effort, his team lost 5 imps on this board!

However, virtue has it’s own reward. If John led any card other then a club, the other team would have been Canadian Champions.

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