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The Blues

I was in balmy San Diego for the Fall North American Bridge Championships last week. So it was a shock to my systems when I came home to a very cold Vancouver. The temperature was a freezing -3C when my flight landed! 

Played the Blue Ribbon Pairs with my friend Maurice De La Salle from Edmonton. It was a gruelling three day event with a cut each day. After two days of play, a large field of 173 tables were cut down to the 39 table final. We made the cut with an average of 54% each day.

I noticed in the second session of the final, most pairs did not “stay in the box”.  Many pairs were very active, trying their best to generating swings in order to move up the leader board.

Here is the round we played against the number one seed in our section. Zia (North) and Boye Brogeland (South).

It was a three ring circus at Zia’s table. We had to climb over kibitzers to get to our seats. Lots of people around the table were looking for actions and we didn’t disappoint.

Board 21. Dealer North. N-S Vulnerable.

I was West and held A9 K653 KJ75 QJ6

This was the auction.


West North East South
  Pass 1 2
Pass Pass 2 Pass*
3NT Pass Pass Pass


* South-break in tempo before passing.

As Zia made his lead of the Queen. He said to Maurice “Sounded like your partner is waiting for a reopening double” Yes I was licking my chops while waiting.

After Maurice put his hand down, Zia turned over a few of dummy’s cards and pretended to look for some more face cards. Amidst the laughter, I turned to Zia and said in jest “He just read your book” that really broke up the crowd.

These were the hands. 


Dealer: North

Vul: N-S

North Zia  
West Michael East Maurice
A9 KQ8642
K653 A92
QJ6 10743
  South Boye  


I proceeded to make my contract. We got 34 match points on a 38 top.

Turned out 4 our direction was down off the top, the defense getting both club and heart ruffs! At some tables South even got doubled in 3 making!!

The second board was then put into play.

Board 22. Dealer East. E-W Vulnerable.

As West I held. QJ8 AJ109832 6 92

This was the auction.


West North East South
    1 Pass
1 1 2 2
4 4 6 Pass
Pass 6 DBL Pass
Pass Pass    


When Maurice jumped to six hearts, Zia decided to take the sacrifice. He was hopeful the vulnerability would make it a good save.

These were the hands.


Dealer: East

Vul: E-W

North Zia  
West Michael East Maurice
QJ8 5
AJ109832 K5
6 AJ82
92 AKQJ64
  South Boye  


The lead was the club ace. We slipped a trick, defeated six spades four tricks for +800. Lucky for us that was enough, at other tables a spade lead beaten six hearts. This time we got 33 match points.

When the dust settled, Bart Bramley, Dallas TX and Bjorn Fallenius, New York NY won the event and we were in 33 place. It was fun playing against good competitions. My thanks to Maurice for the nice game.

Later on in the week, when the smoke cleared, Zia playing on the Nickell team won The Reisinger B-A-M Teams.

For results and bulletins http://www.acbl.org/nabc/index.php?a=2009&b=Fall&c=daily_bulletins


Linda LeeDecember 10th, 2009 at 8:40 pm

The whole thing looks like a lot of fun. It is always nice to beat the best.

Dave (Memphis MOJO)December 11th, 2009 at 6:21 am

I enjoyed kibitzing you. Nice showing.

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