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Lederer 2009

The Lederer Memorial Trophy is an annual event for eight invited teams from England and abroad.  This year It takes place from 17th to 18th October, at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club, in London England.

They play a complete round robin. Matches are broadcast live on BBO Vugraph.

Zia Mahmood, fresh from winning his first Bermuda Bowl in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is playing with English experts David Bakhshi, Andrew Robson and Alexander Allfrey on the Holder’s team-last year’s winners, with Zia replacing Tony Forrester.

Zia (South) playing with David (North) demonstrated good technique on this hand. For this match their opponents were the Young Chelsea Knockout-Richard Hillman (East), Jon Green (West), Keith bennett, Paula Leslie and Niel Rosen.



At trick eleven, Zia played the diamond nine from dummy, East was squeezed between spade and heart. If East discard a spade, Zia would discard the heart two, then his spades would be good. If East discard the heart queen then Zia’s heart two would be good.

Zia made twelve tricks for +490 and won 2 imps for his side. The other declarer made only ten tricks for +430. Alas, all this was for nought, The Holders lost the match, Zia won the battle and lost the war.

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