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Champion’s Cup

For those of us that appeciate good bridge on BBO-Vugraph, we are in for a treat. The 8th European Bridge Champion’s Cup is being played in Paris, France from the 15th to 18th October 2009. Thanks to BBO we can watch the action from the comfort of our homes.

For up to date results, detail information and bulletins please visit http://eurobridge.org/competitions/09Paris/Paris.htm

Here is an excerpt from the site.

The European Champions’ Cup is a competition between the elite teams of European bridge, i.e. the national team champions of the top ten coun­tries at the most recent European Team Championships. The defending champions and the host country representatives are also invited, but no country may send more than two teams.

Accordingly, this year, the top ten contenders of the 49th European Team Championships 2008, held in Pau, France, are invited to participate in the European Champions’ Cup: Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia and Sweden. Italy’s’Tennis Club Parioli Angelini’, the defending champions, and the host team, bring the total number of contesting teams to 12. The format will be a round-robin qualifier, followed by semifinals, a final and playoffs.

The winning team takes home gold medals and 5,000 Euros.

Round robin Group B Round 2. In the match between Bamberger Reiter-Germany and Allegra Torino-Italy. This hand caught my eye.

Board 19. Dealer South. East-west vulnerable.

You hold as East J107542 A QJ96 A8 

West North East South
Pass Pass ?  

What is your bid?

In this match both East bid four spades and were doubled by North. 


West North East South
Pass Pass 4 Pass
Pass DBL All Pass  

 This were the hands. 

Dealer: South

Vul: E-W

North Gromoeller  
West Duboin East Sementa
A J107542
72 A
732 QJ96
Q1097653 A8
  South Haeusler  

The German declarer got the club king lead, saved him the club guess. After setting up diamonds went down three for -800.

The Italian declarer got the heart king lead, won that with heart ace. Also went after diamonds with queen, five, two, North won with diamond king, forced declarer with a heart, East ruffed with spade two, heart four, seven. Played diamond jack, ten, three and Ace. North give south a diamond ruff. South played heart queen, club six, North discarded diamond eight and declarer ruffed. Crossed to dummy with spade ace, He now had the south hand counted out, ran the club queen-catering to the possibility of south having the singleton club jack, lost that and got tapped again. Ended down four for -1100. Got full style points but lost 7 imps for his efforts.

After the hand was over, someone in the peanut gallery commented about the four spade call ” They are making bids a novice wouldn’t.”

That got me interested in finding out if anybody else made the four spade call in this championship. So I went to the match records. 

This is what I found.

Group A.

Host-France vs Iceland. Both East bid 4S. France was doubled, got club king lead and went down two for -500. Iceland was only team not doubled, got club king lead and went down two for -200. Winning 7 imps.

Netherlands vs Sweden. Swedish East was doubled in four spades, got club king lead and went down two for -500. The Dutch East bid four spade, got doubled, West pulled to five club, also got doubled. The lead was the diamond king and went down two for -500. They pushed the board.

Russia vs Angelini-Italy. Italian East bid four spades, was doubled got the lead of club king, went down two for -500. The Russian East played four spades doubled, got the lead of heart king. he went down only one! Lost -200 and won 7 imps.

Group B.

NC-France vs Denmark. The Danish West pulled to five clubs doubled. Got the diamond ace lead and went down one for -200. French East played four spades doubled, got the lead of heart king, went down two for -500. 7 imps to Denmark.

Norway vs Bulgaria. The Bulgarian West also pulled to five clubs doubled. Got the club two lead and went down one, -200. Norwegian East played four spades doubled, got the lead of club king and went down two for -500. 7 imps to Bulgaria.

Germany vs Allegra-Italy. Italian East played four spades doubled. Got the lead of heart king and went down four, -1100. The German East played four spades doubled, got the lead of club king, went down three for -800. 7 imps to Germany.

Of the six matches, to a man, all the East took action over four hearts. The four spade call is normal at this level of competition. Nice to know there is pretty good field protection.

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