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Don’t give up!

After working as NPC all last week, I had to play in the Transnational Open Teams. My team-mates were Josef Harsanyi, Susan Culham, Pony Nehmert, Maurice De la Salle and Dan Jacob. 

The format is Swiss, 15 rounds of 10 boards, top 8 qualify for the KO. The following two hands were lessons in not giving up when all seems lost.

Round 11. Board 16. Dealer West. E-W Vul.


West Pony East Michael
Q976 AJ104
J72 AK
A32 KQJ10
K97 AJ8

 The auction was simple and direct.

West North East South
Pass Pass 2 Pass
2 Pass 2NT Pass
6NT Pass Pass Pass

2  Strong. 2 Waiting. 2NT 22+.

The lead was the diamond nine. I could see six spade was cold with the spade finesse for seven. However I was in six No-trump. After the spade finesse lost at trick two, I had to find the winning line.

This was my line.


As everybody could take a simple club finesse, I decided to play for a squeeze. I was happy to push the board as our opponents were in six spade making.

Three boards later, Pony and I were in another tough spot.

Board 19. Dealer South. E-W Vul. 

West Pony East Michael
QJ AK10432
AK8432 J7
J654 K
2 AKJ10

This was the auction. 

West North East South
1 Pass 1 Pass
2 Pass 3 Pass
3 Pass 4NT Pass
5 Pass 5 Pass
5  Pass 6  All Pass

4NT-RKC. 5-1 or 4. 5 -queen ask. 6-king of heart and queen of spade.

Pony made the key bid of 3 , that got me thinking slam with some certainty.

South led the spade eight, I decided to win in the dummy and took the club finesse to the jack. If that won I would ruff the club ten and claim.

However the club finesse lost! Much to my surprise, LHO returned the heart queen. I gratefully took this with the heart ace. Having given a second chance, I proceed to make the slam. Here was my line.


This was the first time I made two slams via squeezes in the same match!

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