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Day 7 of The World Team Championship

Saturday 7th September.

Sunny and very warm here.

It was nice to see Ray and Linda Lee got here safe and sound. Good to have more friendly faces over here.

Hard to believe we have been here a week already. To-day is the last day of the round robin and we are not in any position to qualify for the KO stage. So we will play the rest of the matches for pride.

In match 13 vs Australia. Board 6. Susan and Kiz bid well to earn us a slam swing on the following hand.

Dealer: East

Vul: E-W

West Susan East Kiz
J8 AKQ642
A9542 3
106 A754
AK84 Q10

This was their auction. 

West North East South
    1 Pass
2 2NT* 3 Pass
4 Pass 4NT Pass
5 Pass 5NT Pass
6 Pass 6 * Pass
6 Pass Pass Pass

2NT-minors. 4NT-RKC ask. 5 2 key cards. 6 ask for diamond control.

The lead was the heart king, Kiz made 12 tricks for +1430, as our opponents were in 3NT for +690. We won 12 imps.

Match 19 vs Pakistan.Pamela-Karen in the closed room and Kiz-Susan in the open room. Both pairs played like they can, and we had our first blitz for the tournament. Scored the full 25 VP.

Match 20 vs Sweden.Joan-Barb in the open room and Kiz-Susan in the closed room. Sweden has a talented young team so this match will be exciting. As expected they bid a lot, they won 21-9 VP.

Match 21 vs Brazil.Karen-Pamela in the closed room and Kiz-Susan in the open. Both of our pairs played well, we came out on top, won the match by 21-9 VP.

It is appropriate that we play our host Brazil in the last match. The hospitality has been wonderful and we are enjoying our stay.  

The round robin is over for us. Our team didn’t start well and found the form too late to make a mark in the tournament.

I like to thank Barb, Karen, Kiz, Joan, Pamela and Susan for having me as their NPC, it has been a pleasure.

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