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Day 5 of The World Team Championship

Thursday 3rd September.

We have sunny day in the morning and rain in the afternoon.

To-day is the half way point of the round robin matches, we are in 15th position with 161VP, 31VP out of 8th place.

Match 12 against USA2, Karen (west) and Pamela (east) got to 3NT in this hand. Karen then found the way home.


*Two club-majors, North found the unlucky lead of a spade. Any other lead would have given her side a better chance.

Match 13 vs Australia. Kiz-Susan in the close room and Pamela-Karen in the open room. The hands were wild, not less then 4 small slams and 1 grand slam. Our team got the better of it and won 22 much needed VPs.

Match 14 vs China. This match was on Vugraph-Our Game, the Chinese version of BBO. Joan-Barb in the close room and Pamela-Karen in the open room. They played well and beat us 22-8 VP.

Match 15 vs USA 1. Joan-Barb in the open room and Kiz-Susan in the close. Both pairs had a good match and we won 22-8 VP. Now if there are more US team in this event, maybe we be leading.

For the day we won 52 VP, 28 VP out of 8th. There are 6 matches left, 150 VP for the taking.

It is heart warming to find a honest taxi driver in Sao Paulo. For the last few evening we have been going out to dinner after the game. The taxi ride home costed 35 Reals-they always drive us over the bridge to cross the river. Last evening the taxi driver took us on a short cut via a back road without using the bridge, the fare came to 15 Reals! We were so happy, we gave him a 5 Reals tip.

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