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Day 4 of The World Team Championship

Wednesday 2nd September.

Another sunny and warm day here.

We have played below our potential. All of our careless mistakes costed us big time! For us to make it to top 8 position, we need an average of 18 VP per match from this point forward. It is possible as we have 12 more matches to play.

To-day we play another three matches. Karen and Pamela will sit out the first match as they have close ties to New Zealand.

Match 10 vs New Zealand. Kiz-Susan in the close room, Joan-Barb in the open. We won the match 16-14. This slam helped our cause. 

Dealer: West

Vul: All

West Barb East Joan
AK106 Q5
7 QJ6
AKQ4 J109863
QJ72 A6

 Joan and Barb had a nice auction to the diamond slam. 

West North East South
1 Pass 3 Pass
3 Pass 4 Pass
4NT Pass 5 Pass
Pass Pass    

Three diamond was limit raise. Three spade Q-bid. Four club Q-bid. 4NT RKC and five club was 1 or 4.

With the spade jack coming down, there was twelve tricks. +1370.

The New Zealand pair stopped at three no-trumps made eleven trick for +660, our team won 12 imps.

Match 11 vs Argentina. Joan-Barb in the open room and Pamela-Karen in the close room. This was a roller coaster ride the whole match. At one point we were 20imps up and then on 3 boards we dropped 33 imps, ouch. We lost and ended with 10-20VP.

Match 12 vs USA1. We have Kiz-Susan in the close room and Pamela-Karen in the open room. Both pair played very well and we beat them by 20imps. Winning the match by 20-10VP.

We ended the day on a winning note that always make for a nicer dinner.


Janice AndersonSeptember 3rd, 2009 at 6:10 am


I am enjoying and appreciating your blog. Tell the girls we are all rooting for them back here in Canada.

MichaelSeptember 3rd, 2009 at 3:19 pm

Thanks Jan, will pass it on. Our team is keeping a very positive mood even when the going is tough.

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