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Day 1 of the World Team Championship

Sunday 30th August. First day of the 39th World Team Championship.

It is a beautiful day here, sunny and warm.

The playing site is good and there is a buzz in the air fill with positive energy. After months of work and anticipation, we are ready for action. There will be 21, 16 board matches. The top 8 will play in the quarter finals. Bridgemates are being used. The score is up to date as soon as the last card is played in the match.

The open room

The open room

It is time to test the water. Our opponents for the first day are,

Match 1 vs Barbados. Our line up is Joan-Barbara in the open room, Kiz-Susan in the close room. Both pairs played well and we won 22 VP-8 VP. In 2nd position.

Match 2 vs Egypt. For this match we have Karen-Pamela in the open Room, Joan-Barbara in the close room. The other team had the better of us, on the upside we got 10 useful VPs. Total of 32 VP have us tied for 9th.

So far the hands had been wild, lets see what they are like in the next match.

Match 3 vs Spain. We have Kiz-Susan in the close and Pamela-Karen in the open. We got beat and got only 9VP. For the day our total is 41, just 9VP out of 8th place. 

We tested the water and got our toes bitten, better be careful to-morrow as there are sharks in these waters.

Last night while the Mayor of Sao Paulo was giving his welcome speech in Portuguese, the Shoe-aka Michael Schoenborn remarked ” That sounds like Boris explaining to me our convention card!”

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