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Opening Ceremony

“The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.”– Henry Boye

Saturday 29th August.

Sunny and warm here in Sao Paulo.

The rest of our team, Kiz, Susan and Maurice arrived this afternoon. The Canadian senior team also arrived, however they are staying at the Hilton down the road. With all the traffic, if you are lucky, down the road here can turn into an hour by car.

After breakfast, Karen, Pamela, Joan and Barb went to a grocery store. This is a quite expensive hotel, buffet dinner is 63 Brazilian Real in the restaurant. That is about C$37 without drinks. Barb had a glass of red wine that only costed 20 Real.

Captain’s meeting at 3.30 to go over all the do’s and dont’s. Soon it was time to change into our smart team uniforms and some photos, before going to the opening ceremony in the Teatro Alfa.

We had an excellent team meeting. We resolved to play our best and let the imps fall where they may. Let the Bridge Goddess look after the details.

Canada MPP Women's Team

Canada MPP Women's Team

As in many of these opening ceremonies, the speeches were a little long, the drinks and food were great! The musical show was terrific! The best part was seeing all our friends from around the world.

Some Canadians in Sao Paulo

Some Canadians in Sao Paulo

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