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Pamela Nisbet

Another member of Canada MPP Women’s Team.  Born in Dunedin – New Zealand – a  psychiatric registered nurse until 1990, when she entered the world of management, in Long Term Care.  She knew she had found her niche.  Pamela is very passionate about the care of the elderly – NO compromises!

Pamela learned bridge at 16.  She was caught playing Euchre when she should have been studying with her friend, whose parents were bridge addicts – as punishment her parents asked them to teach Pamela bridge lessons so that at least she could play a ‘decent game’.  While in nursing training, she played a bit with the ‘matron’ of the hospital, who seemed thrilled to have a student nurse that could play bridge. This in turn earned her time off, conveniently coinciding with bridge nights at the local club.

Upon graduation, Pam worked for ten years in Australia and UK.  All the while taking extra university courses to enhance her career.  Busy, but life was fun.  Oh yes those were the days!

On her return to New Zealand, Pamela started to play at the Otago Bridge Club and with the help of her friends, many were very good players. They taught her ‘Acol’ the newfangled system.  Goren was her original system.  She became a Life Master and won many championships, including the Inter Provincial Championships (GNT).  Toying with symmetric relay and Delphic diamond, all exciting stuff which drove the locals crazy, she eventually settled into a ‘normal’ system although kept the NZ version of multi and Tartans.

Pamela met her husband at bridge, married in haste – had two girls and then launched out on her own as a solo mother soon after.

In 1996 while recovering from extensive surgery, OKbridge became her new home and bridge club.  She met her now fiancé Herve Chatagnier there.  After a bit of back and forth between Canada and New Zealand, Pamela decided this is the man she has waited her whole life for – she moved to Canada with her children – just in time for the Millennium.


Pamela has worked in much of Canada, while becoming a permanent resident and then Canadian citizen.  Regina, Long Sault, Kanata, Cobourg, Scarborough to name a few and now lives in Ottawa with her daughters, Alexandra and Evelyn (21 and 19 years). They have two cats Sammy and George, Evelyn’s chocolate coloured Newfie/Lab named Darcy.

Herve is a fine bridge player in his own right, having won the Canadian National Team Championship in 2007.  He helped to refine her bidding and defence.  He is her staunchest supporter and critic.  At the moment Herve lives in Quebec City and they are planning their life together under the same roof in Ottawa.

Pamela is very much into music, studied piano to grade 8 and also plays the guitar. She loves to sing and sometimes performs for her residents at work.  We will have to get her to a Karaoke Bar one of these days.

Pamela has one of the longest winning streaks in the history of Canadian Women’s Team Championship, winning in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.  Most with different teammates and partners!  The only other year (2005) she played, her team was second.  She also has extensive international experience, having played in Verona, Wuxi, Shanghai, Beijing and Mexico.  She is looking forward to the Venice Cup in Brazil.

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