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Karen Cumpstone

Another member of The Canada MPP Women’s Team, Karen returned to Nanaimo, British Columbia after spending 25 years in New Zealand. During her time away from Canada she learned to play bridge and played for New Zealand in various tournaments and world championships.

Karen is always supportive of her teammates and tries to maintain a positive attitude. She is funny and reliable. Playing with Pamela Nisbet as partner, Karen has won The Canadian Women’s Team Championship in 2008 and 2009. Last year she also won ACBL Unit 429’s 5000-7500 Ace of Clubs Master Point race in a walk.


Susan, Barb, Karen, Pam, Kiz & Joan.

She is an Accountant by training, right now she works for a law firm.  And so you don’t stereotype her as an Accountant, have a listen to some of the songs of her favourite band – Me First and The Gimme Gimmes  – has anyone heard of them? Deep down maybe she is a die-hard Iron Maiden fan?

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