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After 96 boards, Team Mancuso [Renee mancuso, Peggy Sutherlin, Connie Goldberg, JoAnn Sprung, Shawn Quinn and Pam Wittes] defeated Team Glasson [Joann Glasson, Lisa Berkowitz, Sue Weinstein, Cheri Bjerkan, Rozanne Pollack and Stasha Cohen] to be USA2 to the Venice Cup in Sao Paulo late August this year.

Connie Goldberg made nice bid to help her team win 10 imps on Board 84. In segment 6 of 6.

Hands rotated.


Dealer: North

Vul: All

North Goldberg  
West East
AJ73 965
743 Q652
42 KQ
J642 A987
  South Sprung  



West North East South
  1 pass 1 NT
pass 2 pass 3
pass 3 pass 3 NT


Goldberg deduced from Sprung’s 3 bid that she has a maximum hand with three card diamond fit. So tried for game with a nice 3 bid. Partner with stoppers in both black suits was only too happy to bid 3NT.

The opening lead was the 4th best 2, 3, A, 5. East returned  7, K, 4,  2. Declarer played J, 2, A, Q. Then continued with 3, K, 9, 4. Setting up the diamond suit. On winning East played 8, Q, 6, 4. Declarer was able to claim nine trick at this time. Two hearts tricks, five diamonds tricks and two club tricks. Make 3NT for plus 600. To win 10 imps as at the other table, the Glasson team stopped at 3♦.

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