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US Womam team trials

Congratulations to the Dinkin Team with Lynn Baker, karen McCallum, Lynn Deas, Beth Palmer, Irina Levitina and kerri Sanborn, will be USA 1 for the Venice Cup in Sao Paulo, from 29th August to the 12th September this year.

The Mancuso team is playing against the Glasson team in the second final. Winner will earn the right to be USA 2 in the Venice Cup. Results are posted on www.USBF.org

This interesting hand caught my eye. It is board 37 in segment 3 of 6. 

In the Open Room. 

Dealer: North

Vul: NS

North Bjerkan  
West Quinn East Wittes
AKJ 10743
AJ76 83
AK6 J84
J98 A763
  South Weinsten  

The auction was, 

West North East South
  pass pass pass
2NT pass 3 pass
3 pass 3NT all pass


At first glance declarer does not have anywhere close to nine winners. Shawn Quinn does not let that discourage her and proceeded to show us the way to making 3NT.

North lead the 4th best 5, 3, 2, 8. Quinn played A, 8,3,2. K, 5,4,5. J, 9, 7, Q. South after winning the spade queen, returned the 2, A, 9, 4. Quinn then played the A, 10,3,2. J, K,8,4. North in for the last time could see unless her partner has something in   there was no hope of defeating the contract, led the  Q and at this point Quinn claimed nine tricks, with 3 spades, one heart, three diamonds and two clubs. That added up to nine winners. For plus 400 and win 10 imps.

At trick 8, if instead of the Q, North tried the K. Quinn would win with dummy’s Ace and played the 10, that would squeeze north between diamonds and clubs. If she discarded a  then the  J would be good, if she discarded a  then she will be thrown in with a  and end played again to lead from Q, 10!

In the close room, The auction and final contract was the same. The lead was the K, however declarer misread the ending and went down.

The hand was very unlucky for North. Each time North gained the lead, she was end played into leading a helpful card for declarer. Each time a spade was played would squeeze North!

Can the hand be make if North led  K ? The play is more interesting but the answer is Yes. 

One line is, declarer ducks. North continues with Q, A, 2, 9. While in dummy, leads the 3, 2, J, 8. Cashes the A, 5, 4, 5. Next plays the J, what is North to do. Win and play a back? Declarer wins and plays Ace and another to set up a heart winner. Now declarer has three spades, two hearts, two diamonds and two club winners for her contract.

What if East unblocks the Q when declarer plays the A, an effort to create an entry to the North hand with good clubs? Declarer abandon the hearts and play K, that squeeze North out of a winner. Then North is thrown in with a for the diamond end play!

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