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Bali Bound – George Mittelman

George Mittelman of Toronto, Canada, was born in Europe of Hungarian Parents.

WBF World Master, bridge professional, has won two World Championships, the 1982 Mixed Pairs and the 2002 Senior Teams. Along with a silver medal in the 1995 Bermuda Bowl, Mittelman has also won two bronze medals in the Rosenblum Cup (1982 and 1990).

George Mittelman

George Mittelman


He won Richmond Trophy (most points in a year in Canada) 1981, has won more Canadian National Teams Championships than any other player (eight) and has won four North American bridge titles: two Open Swiss Teams (1986, 1995), a Board-a-Match Teams (1998) and a Senior Teams (2006). George has also been Non-Playing Captain of Canada’s Olympiad, Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup Teams on numerous occasions.

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