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Bridge Week 2013

This weekend from May 25-1 June 2013 at the Delta Toronto East. The Canadian Bridge Federation will run team trails to select the Open, Women and Senior teams to represent Canada in the upcoming World Championships in Bali, Indonesia September 16-30, 2013.
This year, there are 20 teams entered in the Open and 5 teams in the Women. We expect there will be at least 10 teams in the Seniors.
I am playing with Maurice De la Salle, Rod Mackenzie, Leo Weniger, Sekhar and Doug Fraser in the Open.
For future stars, there are also 11 teams in Flt. B and 3 teams in Flt. C.
As teams get eliminated from the main events, for the rest of the week, they will be able to play in a one day, 2 session IMP Pairs. A one day qualifying, one day final Open Pairs and the 2 session Swiss.
You can find out more information on Bridge Week or follow the action and watch instantaneous results on the Championship site.
There will be Vugraph on BBO from Thursday 30th May onwards.


Dave Memphis MOJOMay 23rd, 2013 at 8:30 pm

GL to you in the trials!

MichaelMay 25th, 2013 at 1:28 am

Thanks Dave, better lucky then good.

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