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Transnational Mixed Teams

The Transnational Mixed Teams had reached the KO Quarterfinal. Matches are 3 segments of 16 boards.

Team Canada (Judith and Nicholas Gartaganis, Hazel and Darren Wolpert, Linda Wynston and Daniel Korbel) played very well, won the Swiss. They picked the Franch team Shapour (Prick Bogacki, Shapour Mohtashami, Valerie Sauvage and Lydie Trajman).


Linda Wynston and Daniel Korbel

My friend Dave Smith (Memphis MOJO) Playing on the Sprung Team (Cindy Bernstein, Buddy Hanby, D. Smith, Sally Wheeler, Danny and Jo Ann Sprung.) Started the day just average in the middle of the pack. However they played well, won all 5 matches to make the KO. Welldone.

The will play the other US team Milner (Petra Hamman, Hemant Lall, Reese Milner, Gabriella Olivieri, Jacek Pszczola and Meike Wortel.)

Michael and Dave Smith (Memphis MOJO)

You can read the results and Bulletin here.


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dave Memphis MOJOAugust 20th, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Thanks for the mention. It was good to see you again.

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