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Let The Game Begin

After a white knuckle ride on the autobahn, Pony and I have arrived in Lille.

We are here to play the Transnational Mixed Teams with Barbara, Thomas, Tomasz Gotard and Marie Eggeling.

It is another beautiful and sunny day here in Lille. Some of the Canadian Woman’s Team members are enjoying a nice breakfast at the hotel.


Pamela Nisbet, Linda Wynston, Ina Demme, Hazel Wolpert and Nader Hanna


The Canadian Open MPP Team is playing Monaco in the round of 16 KO match.

In the first set. Board 4. Nick Lecuyer (North) and Vencint Demuy (South) bid this deal nicely to 3NT, made 9 tricks for +600.

Their opponents at the other table got to 4 and were defeated by Daniel Korbel and Daniel Miles for one trick +100 and 12 IMPs.







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