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Mixed up BAM in Philly!

After two days of play in the Freeman Mixed Board-a-Match Teams, the Zeckhauser Team (Gabrielle Sherman of Syosset NY, Joel Wooldridge of Astoria NY, Debbie Rosenberg of Cupertino CA and Richard Zeckhauser of Cambridge MA) was declarered the winners by the slimmest margin of 0.41.

Karen Cumpstone, Michael Roche, Nader Hanna and Joan Eaton.

That in it’s self was nail biting enough for those watching from the sidelines. One can only imagine how The Nader Team (Nader Hanner and Joan Eaton both from Toronto ON, Karen Cumpstone of Nanaimo BC and Michael Roche from Victoria BC) who came in second must have felt.

However the roller coaster didn’t end there. Later on in the evening Debbie Rosenberg saw a scoring error on her score card. Did the classy thing by reporting the correction thus dropping them to second and at the same time moved the Nader team to first!

Gabrielle Sherman, Joel Wooldridge, Debbie Rosenberg and Richard Zeckhauser.

I for one would nominate The Zeckhauser Team Spotsman award of the year.

Photos from ACBL Bulletin.


Cam FrenchJuly 22nd, 2012 at 3:08 am

Thank you Mike for sharing.

And congrats to Ms. Rosenberg!!!

I will propose as much.

Please you or anyone with more details (like the scores, the error, the hand?) share with me at


And congratulations to Nader and team.

Michael YuenJuly 23rd, 2012 at 11:07 pm

There was more drama…told by Michael Roche……

“On the last board at Nader’s table there was a slam bid on a marked hesitation. After polling players director adjusted score and we are in the lead – subject to an appeal ruling – which was that slam was allowed. So we went to dinner in 2nd place. However we heard in the morning about a mis-scored board, which when corrected dropped Zechauser team by 1/2 board – enough for us to win. Exciting but the timing made it anti-climatic.”

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