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Live From Dublin Ireland via Bridge Topics

The 51st European Championships is about to start on the 12th and run till the 23rd of June. Beside being about to watch the play by play on BBO, we can now watch Videos and live talk shows on Bridge Topics.

During the Championships, Bridge Topics www.bridgetopics.com will broadcast an array of short interviews with players and well known bridge personalities on site, hosted by Jan van Cleeff.

Many would argue that the European Championships open series is a tougher event to win then the World Championships because of the depth of the field.

The top six teams in the Open, Women and Seniors Championships will qualify to play in the 41st World Team Championships in Bali Indonesia next year.


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PonyJune 12th, 2012 at 9:38 pm

Greetings from ireland, especially from your friend Jan van Cleef. He was delighted to see your newest blogging 🙂

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