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Canadian National Team Final

In one of the most exciting Semi Final match yesterday. Two old friends from Winnipeg, Todd and Cannell played each other to a one IMP decision. 

In to-day’s final with one set to play for the day. L’Ecuyer gained IMPs in all 4 sets. There will be another 64 boards to play.

L’Ecuyer  37 + 41 + 25 + 36 + 52 + 45 = 236

  Todd       19 + 32 + 19 + 23 + 26 + 12  = 131 WD

We have a WINNER.


L’Ecuyer :  Nicolas L’Ecuyer, Vincent Demuy, Leslis Amoils, Derren Wolpert, Danny Miles and Daniel Korbel Are the Canadian Champions. Well done.

Don Pearsons, David Sabourin, Neil Kimelman, Bob Todd, Jonathan Steinberg and Doug Fisher.


Todd (Bob Todd, Doug Fisher, Neil Kimelman, Don Pearsons, David Sabourin, Jonathan Steinberg)

The match will be 128 boards played over 2 days. You can watch them in action on BBO.

Here is a nice defence by Leslis Amoils and Derren Wolpert in the 4th quarter of the final. After the Ace of spade, Les played another spade, so when he got in he with the king of hearts. He was able to reach Derren with the club ace in order to lead another spade for a trump upper cut.

At the other table North after the Ace of spade switches to  club, can’t beat it anymore.








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