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The inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth is Al’s Gore’s 2006 documentary film about global warming.

The inconvenient truth here is about what happened in the following deal, where canooz-Drew Cannell played with thekid1-Daniel Lavee.

The auction started normally up to 4 clubs. Then canooz used 5 Diamonds-Exclusion Roman Key Card Blackwood.- to ask about key cards where the ace of the void suit is not counted.

Thekid1’s answer was 5 spade :1 or 4 key cards. Unfortunately 5NT asked for the queen of trump. Canooz needed very little from partner, either the hearts run or the king of spade would be enough. He bid the grand. 



Canooz made 13 tricks for +2140 and won 13 imps.

At the other table East-West stopped in the small slam.


In Singapore, eating is a national pastime.

For Chinese New Year, every meal starts with Yusheng or Lo Hei. The prosperity toss-good luck in the new year!


Yusheng or Lo Hei


Everybody tossed the ingredients while making auspicious wishes. The higher you toss the salad the luckier you be in the coming year!


So much fun!


You have to try Teh Tarik-Black tea made with evaporated milk. 


Mixture is poured back and forth ....




...repeatedly between two vessels from a great height.


After 15 days of New Year celebrations.


"And this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home."




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