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Sights of Singapore

Marina Bay Sands from the street


This an amazing city, you just have to come check it out for yourself.



By the pool on top of Sand's Sky Park



"This little piggy had roast Beef,"



The boat-shaped SkyPark is perched atop of the three towers that make up the world’s most expensive hotel designed by Canadian Moshe Safdie. 



Palm trees by the pool



The SkyPark and the pool is on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sand’s Hotel.

City view


The infinity pool is three times the length of an Olympic pool and at 650ft. up. It is the largest outdoor pool in the world.

Hot tub with the ocean view


Time for a swim

Time for a bridge game at the Singapore Bridge Club.
Unfortunately the evening was a blur. As my friend Lan let slipped that she postponed her cancer treatment so she could have the game with me!

Singapore Bridge Club at Bishan


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