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That is Bridge!

In Poker, when one loses a bad beat (holding strong cards nevertheless loses), one says “That is Poker!”

At the Seattle NABC my good friends Keith Dowdall and Cary Salmi told me their hard luck story.

Their team: Brian Fraser, George Retek, Dowdall and Salmi. Played their KO match against Berg, Lair, Bertens, Bakkeren, Muller and De Wijs, a team consisted of Dutch world champions.

Keith picked up ♠ AQ1098753  8 7  AQ10

Spots approximate.

Cary opened 2NT. Keith transferred to spades, cue bid clubs and found out they were off the first round diamond control. Settled into the small slam. Lost only the ace of diamond, made 12 tricks.

At the other table. The auction was 2NT-7 ♠ . You guessed it, the person on lead didn’t have the ace of diamond. Led a heart and they lost the match by the slam swing. Ouch!

When asked, the Dutch player thought they were behind and needed a swing He was right! 

All I could say was sorry guys, that is Bridge!


                                                                Keith Dowdall-Cary Calmi     

                                                   Christina, Judith-the birthday girl and Sandra.

                                    Kiz, Mavis and George. Making plans to workout in the morning.

Mila Antonova- Bridgeunion.com Her mission is to teach bridge to the youth of New York.  Check out her site, there are many interesting videos.

" Hey can you help me out?"

                                                                                          Peter said to Kiz.




KS from da pegDecember 29th, 2011 at 8:13 am

I’m the 7 spade bidder myself, It makes any time it’s cold and gains another 50% when it’s not

dave memphis MOJO smithDecember 29th, 2011 at 6:57 pm

In team games you try to avoid swings, not create them. Unless, that is, your team is the underdog or you are ABSOLUTELY sure you are losing. If I were playing Meckwell, I would just bid 7S and hope for the best. I’m not beating him on skill, so this is a chance to pick up IMPs. Against a team I can compete against, I’m bidding it like your friends did.

Keith DowdallDecember 29th, 2011 at 7:51 pm

It was a sad story as we were playing in a KO semi final after beating a team with Defalco and Jacqui Mitchell. We were up 27 at the half in this match which was the reason for the gamble. i had a stiff heart not a void which should change the mind of the 7 spade bidders. Now any Ace is cashable, George was the one holding the cashable Ace but not on lead… after the match he said he should of x 7s as the 2nt bidder went into the tank for 5 minutes( he had kx of spades and a hidden 5 card solid heart suit) which may have chased them to 7nt.


Cam FrenchDecember 30th, 2011 at 10:27 pm

Thanks for sharing.

A heart-breaking story. Tough to believe the Dutch thought they were behind and needed the swing AND they were right. Very tough road to haul to have world champions forced to wild and “swingy” actions. WD.

Congrats to your friends for their fabulous showing. Next time hopefully (for them) Brigidda swings the other way.


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